6 serious diseases that often come with summer

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6 serious diseases that often come with summer.

Thailand is entering summer. In addition, the weather is hot and dry. Suitable for the growth of germs especially bacteria That leads to important infectious diseases that often occur in the summer. Which are common every year. There are 6 diseases including.

Diarrhea (Acute Diarrhea). 

Contact such disease. Caused by eating food or water that is contaminated with germs, such as raw or cooked food, food that has flies swarming with it. or food that has been made in advance for a long time, most of the symptoms of the patient Often have loose, ufabet https://ufabet999.app watery stools or blood mixed with mucus, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. which cares for patients with diarrhea in the early stages The patient should be allowed to drink plenty of water or liquid food, such as rice water, soup water, and drink sugar and mineral salt solutions. And if the symptoms do not improve Haven’t stopped defecating yet. Hurry and see a doctor.

Food poisoning

 is a very common digestive disease. This is because toxins from bacteria remain in food that is not clean enough, undercooked or spoiled, causing diarrhea problems. For most, if not all, treatments The diarrhea will be watery, no mucus, no blood, no fever. It will go away on its own. But if it is severe, you must receive extra saline. It may be in the form of drinking. or intravenous administration, depending on severity


by bacteria entering the body through eating, such as eating food, water that is contaminated with germs, raw or undercooked food, or food that has flies swarming with it. Therefore, children, adults, any gender, any age can get dysentery. The patient will have pain and twisting in the abdomen. Later, you will start to have a fever and loose diarrhea, as well as a headache. Body aches, nausea, vomiting, which are symptoms of diarrhea and twisting. It will disappear within 5-7 days in people who do not take medicine. But some people may have symptoms come back again.

Typhoid: Transmission usually occurs through contamination of food or drinking water. which typhoid fever has acute symptoms Severe cases may lead to death. Symptoms of the disease include fever. Body aches, nausea, slow heart rate. (Generally, when you have a fever, your heart beats faster.) If you have a doctor examine you, you may find. That your spleen is enlarged. Area under left ribcage A blood test is required to confirm. That this disease is indeed present. Prevention can be achieved by using vaccines. Which is either in the form of eating or injection. But prevention is not 100% foolproof, so the best way is to be careful about food and drinking water.


Generally, most people infected with cholera There will be no or few symptoms. But in cases of severe infection Death can occur in just a few hours after symptoms appear. This is due to the loss of water and mineral salts in large quantities. This disease is transmitt by eating food or drinking water. That has contaminated. Treatment should replace lost water and minerals. with defecation and vomiting, such as having the patient drink saline water. But if it’s severe, it must be given intravenously. along with the use of antibiotics


a serious disease transmitted from animals to humans There is no medicine to cure it completely. This is because the disease is transmit by being bitten, scratched, or licke by an animal infected with rabies. Or the animal’s saliva splashes into the eyes, mouth, and nose. The best way to prevent rabies is Have pets vaccinated against rabies once a year. Begin injections at 2-4 months of age, and if bitten or scratched by a dog or mammal, immediately wash the wound with soap and clean water several times, wipe dry, and then apply medicine to heal the fresh wound. and hurry to see a doctor to receive proper treatment