How to choose a healthy ice cream?

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Healthy ice cream can be made with low-fat dairy. Artificial sweeteners, and/or milk alternatives to cut down on the number of calories menu.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make these desserts healthier. Some low-calorie ice creams may be highly processed. While others contain more sugar than regular ice cream.

What’s more, artificial sweeteners have been linked to long-term weight gain because they may lead to overeating throughout the day. Research also suggests that they may upset your stomach or cause diarrhea.UFABET 

It’s best to read labels when shopping for Healthy ice cream and review the following:

  • Ingredient lists. A longer list generally means the product is highly processed. As ingredients are listed in order of quantity, closely examine those at the beginning.
  • Calories. Though most low-calorie ice creams deliver under 150 calories per serving, the calorie content depends on the brand and ingredients used.
  • Serving size. Serving size can be deceptive, as a small serving will naturally contain fewer calories. There are normally several servings in a single package.
  • Added sugar. Eating too much added sugar is linked to numerous diseases. As such, try to avoid ice creams with more than 16 grams per serving .
  • Saturated fat. Evidence suggests that limiting saturated fat intake — especially from sugary, fatty foods like ice cream — may reduce your risk of heart disease. Look for alternatives with 3–5 grams per serving .

Sugar substitutes, artificial flavors, and food dyes may be included as well.

High intake of certain sugar substitutes, such as sugar alcohols, may cause stomach pain.

Furthermore, some studies suggest that certain artificial flavors and food dyes are linked to health concerns. Including allergic reactions and behavioral problems in children, as well as cancer in mice.