Health benefits of basil.

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You can buy basil leaves that are fresh, frozen or dried. Basil is also an easy DIY herb menu. All you need is a pot, soil and lots of sunlight.

1. Protects against cell damage

Basil leaves are chock full of antioxidants, natural compounds that protect your body’s cells. Your cells get damaged by oxidative stress. UFABET When they have too many free radicals. “Your body makes free radicals in response to stress and inflammation. Free radicals also come from environmental exposures, like cigarette smoke and Ultraviolent (UV) radiation.” explains. “But antioxidants act as a shield against free radicals and the health problems they cause.”

2. Prevents cancer

Several studies have demonstrated sweet essential oil’s potential to ward off certain cancers. In one lab study, sweet basil prevented the growth of human colon cancer cells in test tubes. In another study, scientists found that leaf extracts from six different types all had anticancer properties. Basil got in the way of the cancer cells’ ability to grow and divide, ultimately destroying them.

“There is a growing body of evidence that basil could be a powerful cancer prevention tool.” says “But researchers need to do more human studies to confirm these promising results. And understand how much people should consume.”