Arsenal and Juventus eyeing Laporte’s future.

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Arsenal and Juventus are eyeing the future of Manchester City defender Emeric Laporte. The Blues have news about agreeing to grab Yachko Guardiol from RB Leipzig. After negotiations in the past have been going well and are expected to be clear soon.

As a result, La Porte’s future is in uncertainty. The 29-year-old defender has also been linked with a move since leaving the starting line-up for Pep Guardiola.

Recently, Mundo Deportivo stated that. The future of Laporte is still unclear and no team has contacted an official representative of the player. UFABET However, there has been interest from Arsenal and Juventus.

Both clubs are monitoring Laporte’s situation with hopes it could become clearer if City were to sign Guardiol.

On the side of Laporte, there are 2 years left on the contract and in the past season. He played in all 24 games from all competitions. Which in the Premier League stage only played 12 games.

Aymeric Laporte then stepped up to play football on behalf of the national team for the first time in 2011. Starting playing in the youth version under 17 years old. 2011-2012 youth version under 18 years old , 2012-2013 youth version. Not over 19 years old , 2013-2016 youth under 21 years old for joining the French national team. The senior set has not been given the opportunity.