How to bet numbers with inside bets

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Inside bets are a form of selecting numbers within the table. Bets can be placed on either a single number or between the numbered cells in the table. with numbers between 1-6 numbers as follows

  • Betting on numbers (Straight Up) pays 35 per European roulette with 37 numbers to choose from, ranging from 0-36 to bet on 1 number per bill, by betting on as many bills per round.
  • Betting on 2 numbers (Split) pays 17 to choose to bet on 2 adjacent numbers such as 4-5, 20-21, 32-33.
  • A bet on 3 numbers (Street) pays 11 to choose to bet on 3 adjacent numbers such as 1-2-3, 19,20,21 or 31, 32, 33.
  • A bet on 4 numbers (Square) pays 8 to choose 3 adjacent numbers such as 4-5-7-8, 17-18-20-21, 28-29-31-32.
  • Betting on 6 numbers (Line) pays 5 to choose to bet on 6 adjacent numbers such as 1-2-3-4-5-6, 16-17-18-19-20-21.

How to place bets on roulette online

First of all, you must start by applying for membership to use online casinos. Transfer money to the account according to the minimum criteria for the first time. Get a username and password to log in to the system. Players may need to change the menu language to Thai for ease of use. Then select the Roulette menu to enter the online gambling mode with the software program or live betting. Click to bet immediately. How to set up a roulette bet Start by clicking on the chip. Choose a minimum bet amount of not less than the minimum. then select the amount and put that chip in the box that you want to bet Just press confirm and you’re done.
Players can check betting information. bet amount and balance as well as detailed statistics of past roulette It helps gamblers learn from mistakes and understand how to plan in the future on how to play to win. สมัคร UFABET